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An interview with Manos Kalaitzoglou, co-founder & CEO

Arcweave is making its mark in interactive media, having recently secured $850.000 seed funding that underscores its commitment to narrative design and strategic growth. In this conversation, Manos Kalaitzoglou, Arcweave’s co-founder and CEO, discusses the company’s early days, the experience of raising funds in fluctuating markets, and new technologies influencing game design.

What inspired the creation of Arcweave, and what sets the platform apart?

The inception of Arcweave began while Manos was working as a design team lead in an Augmented reality startup based in Thailand. The application’s gamified nature presented intricate player choices and scenarios that existing tools could not effectively map or communicate. “As the design team lead, I realised the necessity for a tool that could not only write but also visualise how each narrative choice affected the overall story, which standard tools were incapable of.” Explains Kalaitzoglou.

In 2019, two brothers, Manos and Panos Kalaitzoglou, founded Arcweave – a browser-based platform that could be accessed from any device. The platform incorporates a unique flowchart system and a proprietary programming language designed for interactive application writing, eliminating inefficiencies and fostering seamless integration with major game engines. Headquartered in Delaware, U.S., Arcweave has more than 18.000 enrolled users, with half coming from the United States.

Recently, you secured $850.000 seed funding. How did Theti Club contribute to the round, and how will the capital raised fuel the company’s growth?

Kalaitzoglou recounts the pivotal moment when Theti Club stepped in to bridge a crucial funding gap. “Securing the larger portion of our investment from American sources set the stage for engagement with Greek investors from Genesis VC. Theti Club was instrumental in this phase,” he explains. “The Club not only expedited the capital raise but also helped us meet the conditions set by our initial agreement with the Greek fund.” He notes that the capital is primarily allocated to research and development, allowing the team to expand from four to ten members and enhancing product features for scalability.

Reflecting on his experience with Theti Club, Kalaitzoglou underscores the value the club’s investors have brought beyond funding in sharing experience, connection and problem-solving ideas. “Their contributions are an immense leverage for us, helping Arcweave not just financially but in carving out a path for success and innovation.”

“The Club not only expedited the capital raised but also helped us meet the conditions set by our initial agreement with the American fund.”

How can Greek startups and entrepreneurs find opportunities in the local ecosystem?

Acknowledging the limited growth of the game industry in Greece, Kalaitzoglou remains optimistic about its future. He notes slow but positive changes, such as forming associations for Greek developers and beneficial government regulations. “It will take time for Greece to reach the level of countries like Finland or Sweden, but the groundwork is being laid for an ecosystem that could eventually support an evolving game development scene,” he emphasises. 

The co-founder and CEO highlights the importance of nurturing the local industry, explaining that while the company’s main customer base currently spans North America and Northern Europe, they are committed to contributing to the growth of the gaming sector in Greece. “We are eager to see Greek entrepreneurs seize the opportunities emerging as the industry evolves here,” he states, indicating a promising future for local talent.

“We are eager to see Greek entrepreneurs seize the emerging opportunities as the industry evolves here.”

Looking ahead, what does the future hold for Arcweave?

Kalaitzoglou shares a clear and compelling vision for Arcweave, which positions the platform as an entry point for those aspiring to enter the game industry. “We envision Arcweave as a facilitator for creators at all levels to craft interactive applications and stories without the intimidation of learning complex game engines or programming languages,” he declares. To lower entry barriers, the company simplifies the content creation process and attracts users from diverse backgrounds, including students from educational institutions.

“The goal is for Arcweave to become a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to create an interactive experience,” he continues. “Whether it’s someone just starting or an established studio, we want Arcweave to be the environment where entire teams can collaborate, manage game content, write dialogues, and design characters—all in a user-friendly and supportive platform.”

“The goal is for Arcweave to become a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to create an interactive experience.”

How do you see technology changing the gaming industry?

“Generative AI is here to stay and will revolutionise all industries, including gaming,” predicts Kalaitzoglou. He elaborates on the potential for AI to create realistic, non-playing characters that can interact authentically with players and the use of procedural generation to create rich game environments. “Our upcoming release will introduce ‘workspaces’, a feature that will enhance team collaboration while offering a complete environment for project development.” He also reveals that Arcweave is exploring generative AI, with plans to introduce an assistant within the tool who will be familiar with the content of any given project. The assistant will offer suggestions and improvements, serving as a creative companion throughout the production and publishing process.

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